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Clair - Obscur
Edi Rudo (France)

24/8 (Fri) 21:15

25/8 (Sat) 16:15 [NEW]

26/8 (Sun) 16:15

Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

​Runs: 45 minutes/no interval

Best for aged 6 and above

Please see also the associated French Mime Workshop

In his show «Clair-Obscur», Edi Rudo from France will take you through a succession of acts, around the themes of friendship and loneliness.


Edi has the power to bring objects to life through mime, magic, hand shadows and puppetry. In his show, two lamps meet and fall in love, fabric scraps magically transform themselves into a puppet, and a pair of shoes becomes an imaginary friend with whom Edi shares a cigarette.


His elegance and airy presence made him the Youngest Winner of the French Close-Up Magic Championship organized by the CFI in 2014 and the 2014 Winner of the under 18 competition at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.