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Idiot 2.0
CANU Theatre (Macau)
Partner: Maimuima (Japan)

24/8 (Fri) 20:00

25/8 (Sat) 15:00 [NEW]

26/8 (Sun) 15:00

Old Court Building, 2nd Floor


Lai Nei Chan, Yamasuke


Yamasuke, Hiroshi Hitachi,

Tatsuya Hiraga, HIJILI,

Chikako Murase, Lai Nei Chan

​Runs: 45 minutes/no interval

Best for aged 6 and above

This show is financially supported by Cultural Affairs Bureau

Rumor has it that people have witnessed the legendary mythical creature “Tsuchinoko”! A team consisting of a baseball player, a policeman, a salary man, and a “hero”has almost found the Tsuchinoko’s hiding place. At the same time, they still have to play a match, catch a thief, go to work, and save the world. Would they eventually catch Tsuchinoko, becoming rich and famous overnight?

After its success in the Macau Cultural Centre’s Open box 2017, CANU theatre aims to continue the bizarre and funny spirit of its production <Idiot>. Together with the excellent pantomime company <Maimuima> from Tokyo, CANU theatre has created a sitcom featuring exciting and superb physical movements and techniques. Come and run with us, let’s have fun and catch TSUCHINOKO!