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Robot Cat
CANU Theatre (Macau)

23/8 (Thu) 20:00

25/8 (Sat) 20:00

26/8 (Sun) 18:45 [NEW]

Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

Director: Lai Nei Chan

Creative actor: Lai Nei Chan, Neil Sinclair, Edi Rudo

​Runs: 45 minutes/no interval

This show is performed in simple English

Best for aged 10 and above

This show is financially supported by Cultural Affairs Bureau

A psychiatrist has discovered that one of his patient after being hypnotized can recall events from his previous life. And these events also happened in another patient’s memory. He has decided to arrange his two patients to meet. However, he has no clue what is going to happen…


Lai Nei Chan, the founder of CANU theatre of Macau, has partnered with the English comedy actor Neil Sinclair, together with the help of the French mime actor Edi Rudo, to create <Robot cat>.  In this dark comedy, you will go through a journey filled with laughter and tears, featured with cats and robot, from the utterly strange and bizarre perspectives of clowns.